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Whaler's Cove Limited Partnership has entered into a Management Agreement to engage the Manager, New Era Senior Living, LLC, to manage the Project. Under the Management Agreement, New Era Senior Living, LLC manages the day-to-day operations of the Project. NewEra Senior Living, LLC was formed in 2004 with the purpose to provide the necessary management of the assisted living facility owned by Whaler's Cove Limited Partnership, at 114 Riverside Avenue, New Bedford, Massachusetts. Since that time, the purpose has been expanded to include providing property management services to others engaged in affordable housing, especially senior housing. NewEra Senior Living is committed to providing the highest quality residential experience for elderly residents. It is the goal of the firm to combine independence and comfort in a secure and comfortable setting with the level of personal assistance needed to assure the residents that aging is place will be possible. The managing members, individually and collectively, bring a high level of expertise in the areas of senior living, affordable housing, and business development. The principals possess both an diverse and extensive range of experience in real estate management, marketing, compliance, development, and construction.

Whaler's Cove receives the 2003 Preservation Award from the Massachusetts Historical Commission.

Whaler's Cove receives the New Bedford Preservation Society Elm Award.

The Sara R. Delano Preservation Award presented to Whaler's Cove Assited Living.

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