Meet the Team

A Team You Can Count On

It is comforting to know that you are never alone when needing assistance. Whaler’s Cove has 24-hour dedicated staff coverage to serve all our residents’ needs.

Whether it is an unusual medication schedule or there is a health emergency in the middle of the night, our staff is trained to handle anything and everything.


Laura Sousa, Executive Director

  • Ensures continuity and consistency in delivery and quality of services.
  • Establishes a working relationship and positive engagement with residents, family, friends, team members, regulatory agencies, and community advocates by maintaining an uplifting, open-door atmosphere.
  • Oversees the overall management and the day-to-day operations.

Amanda Costa, Marketing Director

  • Assumes primary intake responsibility for all inquiries and coordination of tours for prospective residents.
  • Maintains occupancy in the community by developing meaningful personal relationships with potential residents, their families, and professional partners.
  • Works with all departments to ensure the retention of all residents.

Food Services Team

  • Develops creative menus based on residents’ dietary needs and feedback.
  • Oversees daily operations regarding food safety and quality, proper sanitation, food inventory, supervision, and training of kitchen personnel and dining staff.

Jeannine Pacheco, Activities Director

  • Develops and implements specific programs based on the needs of residents.
  • Organizes activities to engage residents and encourage socialization.
  • Gives structure to the day for residents, which give them a sense of safety, helps with passing the time, and give a purpose to their life.

Mackenzie Botelho, Compliance Manager

  • Verifies program eligibility and verifications for potential residents applying for admission and upon annual lease renewal.
  • Regularly reviews documents and work practices identifying areas to improve or update.
  • Guarantees that all processes and transactions follow all relevant legal and internal guidelines.

Lisa Preikszas, Social Worker

  • Supports residents in leading fulfilled lives with a sense of well-being.
  • Encourages residents to participate in leisure activities and develop their social and personal skills.
  • Keeps open communication with families regarding residents’ everyday needs.

Brian Alves, Business Office Mgr.

  • Manages Accounts Payable and Receivable, including billing, collecting, recording, and depositing of rent.
  • Assists in monitoring the delivery of services provided to residents.
  • Provides general Human Resources support to all departments, including overseeing compliance with county, state, and federal employment laws.

Julie Geller, Wellness Director

  • Oversees the comprehensive delivery of personal care services to residents on a day-to-day basis following required regulatory requirements.
  • Assists in the coordination of resident care with other disciplines, such as physicians, visiting nurse agencies, and caregivers.
  • Assist in the interview, hiring, training and evaluation of care staff and nursing team in accordance with the residents’ needs and state regulations.
  • Conducts clinical assessments of new applicants, participates in admission determination, and helps with coordinating new move ins.

Nichole Nania, Medical Billing

  • Main point of contact for the wellness office, interacts with residents and families to ensure messages, concerns, and updates are relayed to the nursing staff.
  • Handles program and insurance billing.
  • Tracks and maintains documentation in accordance with residents needs and regulatory requirements.